Who we are

We offer sustainable environmental solutions. Our business is directly connected to the concept of Circular Economy, which seeks the systematic reuse of everything.

We encourage the transition from the linear production process to a circular, in which waste is the input for new products. The left over from industrial processes becomes nutrient for a new cycle.


The Process

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The first step is the creation of the project where the customer problem is fully understood. It is the moment when the technical team makes the critical analysis in order to extract diagnoses and offer tailored solutions.

The Process [EN] Homepage - Allonda


The third phase encompasses the management of services, where we carry out the whole process of monitoring, managing, analyzing and controlling the operation.


The second phase is the implementation, the operational and practical part that involves contracting of suppliers, acquisition of inputs and team structuring the that will work in the field.


1 Innovation

To providing custom services requires the constant monitoring of what’s most advanced in the world. The pioneer spirit in having brought to Brazil the sludge treatment technology that have transformed the environmental market is one of our distinguished features.

2 Health and Safety

In 100% of our works we control, monitor and assess the environmental, quality, health and safety aspects. From the creation of the solutions to the implementation of the projects, we apply worldly recognized processes.

3 Sustainability

To Allonda, the management of social, environmental and economical risks of our operations stands for sustainability. In a transparent way, we engage our stakeholders in our activities and in the socioenvironmental actions that we coordinate.

4 Governance

The Allonda Integrated Management System receives continuous audit and –more than providing the standardization of processes, procedures, controls and work instructions of the company –it organizes the flow of internal information, favoring the company management.

5 Team

Allonda feels it’s important to have a staff with specialists and multidisciplinary professionals. It gives the company more agility and know-how, since the learnings from each project remain as part as our intelligence and legacy.

6 Training

Last year, more than 16 thousand hours of training were delivered to our employees – 369% higher than the average number of hours of the market. After all, keeping the team (responsible for the country’s greatest works of contaminated sediments) highly qualified is a big, big challenge.



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